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  1. Is there some other ingredient to replace the tofu, as someone who suffers from thyroid disease, soy is not a good option. Soy is an endocrine disruptor and people with thyroid issues should avoid soy products. Any recommendations? I absolutely LOVE pumpkin cheesecake and miss it since eliminating dairy from my diet…

  2. What is your favorite brand of vegan cream cheese and vegan sour cream for this recipe? This looks delicious!

  3. Wow this pumpkin cheesecake looks amazing. And those pecans on the top really make it perfect in my eyes. Can’t wait to make it once I get the ingredients.

    • I typically can find that at New Seasons or Whole Foods. I can’t remember the brand off the top of my head, but it’s not very difficult to find vegan gingersnaps, a lot of them just happen to be vegan.

  4. Hi! I made your cheesecake yesterday and I am really amazed how it turned out. Really fluffy-like but not too soft, nice firm to cut but melting in the mouth and a beautifull colour. I think I tasted the tofu a little bit, but that didn’t mind me.I think next time I am going to up the spices a little bit. and also the sour creme (and make this al little more sour also). I gave three pieces to my mother for her visitors and they all really loved it and were astonished that is was all vegan! Awesome when this kind of reactions occur! My Love also really liked it. What I also loved was the low amount of sugar. All in all a recipe that I am saving and…spreading if you don’t mind. I live in the Netherlands so will translate it to Dutch so it is more accessible for people who do not read English that easily. Many thanks and greetings from Holland.

  5. This looks incredible! I had this saved for a while and think I am going to make it for Thanksgiving. How far in advance do you think I can make it?

  6. Hi!
    Love this recipe!! I want to make it for thanksgiving!
    I can’t find vegan sour cream in Italy, how can I sub that?
    Can I store the cake in the fridge for three days??

  7. For our last family get together I made my nieces a vegan potato salad, which was my first vegan anything cooking. For Christmas I am making them your cheesecake, because I really love baking. Must I put the tofu in the food processor, or will it be smooth from a Kitchaid?

    • Yes, you really need to get this pureed. A blender might work but a food processor is best. And make sure it’s silken tofu.

      • Oh yes, we searched and searched, and read some articles, to find what each tofu type means. Then, I ordered it off Amazon…then I found it at the Commsisary. I will use the food processor 🙂 I want these girls to really enjoy this.
        Thanks for the quick reply

        • Oh my gosh! I just remembered I have a hand blender…the stick thing. I’ll use that 🙂

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