Vegan Dessert Recipes

30 of the BEST classic vegan dessert recipes. Learn how to veganize any sweet treat by following the recipes in this guide. Cookies, cakes, candies, and more!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Cakes and cupcakes are typically fairly straight-forward pastries to veganize. Here is a delicious option for a cake. Swipe up for 5 more options.

Mixed Berry Cobbler

I love a good custard pie and it took me a while to find the perfect vegan consistency. Check out this cobbler along with 4 other pie and tart recipes!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Making classic cookies vegan is quite simple! I usually find that fruit purees and flax eggs make the best egg replacers for cookies and bars. Swipe up for more cookie recipes!

Chocolate Truffles

One of my favorite things to make is vegan candies and confections. Once you find yourself some quality vegan chocolate and learn how to make whipped cream, everything else is so easy!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding

Even custards and ice creams can be made vegan! There are a variety of plant-based custard bases that I love to use. Swipe up for more!

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